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Originally Posted by birdpowers View Post
Hi everyone.
Hello...and Welcome to the forum!

Originally Posted by birdpowers View Post
I searched out this forum because I am involved in a polyamorous relationship with a Woman who is in a domestic relationship with a Man and they have kids. I am basically in love with the whole family, and it is wonderful, but not without it's trials and tribulations. It is proving to be both rewarding, spiritual, and frustrating, all at the same time.
When you feel comfortable I'm sure we would all enjoy hearing about your experiences - we have "blogs" section for sharing our stories. It's helpful, I think, for people to read about all of the myriad of ways that people have found for "poly" to work for them. Someone's sig around here reads that, basically, there are as many ways of "doing" poly as there are people "doing" it. Many people reading here are new to the concept and struggling - providing examples of the many paths poly can follow can help folks sort out their own path.

Originally Posted by birdpowers View Post
Anyways, I hope to find some good peeps here, as well as some good conversation about Love. It's so damned big and all encompassing!
Ah, an EXCELLENT topic - and one that I have always had trouble with. One of our posters has the Heinlein quote "Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own." as part of their sig. While I am a HUGE Heinlein fan this definition has never cut it for me. It seems to apply to a wide variety of "love" (love of fellow man, love of family, a Buddhist-like love of "everything" as being part of oneself, etc. - I can apply this to random strangers-in-distress) - and not helpful, to me, in the narrower realm of "romantic love".

I talk a bit about what "love" (specifically saying "I love you.") means to me in this thread.

In my experience "love" is one of those concepts where "everyone" knows what it means and "everyone" is using a different conceptualization of the same.

Looking forward to some interesting conversation.

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