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Hi NewGurl,
Welcome to our forum.

Re (from Post #1):
"Not only am I new to being poly (the idea is still quite foreign and scary to me) but I am new to just about everything this kind of life entails it would seem."
Polyamory is obviously different from monogamy, but the two lovestyles have things in common. Like the importance of communication, at the top of the list.

You will find that many of the threads on are good for getting a perspective on your own situation, and you can always post thoughts/questions/concerns.

Re (from Post #4):
"Can I get Ethical Slut and Opening Up in hard copy too?"
I would think so, but don't quote me on that. If you mean hardback ... otherwise, you can definitely get them printed in softback. I have a "softback" copy of both books in hard copy. You can probably find both books on; give it a try.

"Is there anything in either of those books about coming out to parents?"
Don't know. Haven't finished reading "Opening Up" yet.

"My father and his gf know about S being poly and disapprove and my mother and her husband know and accept but also don't approve. I don't know how to come out to them and say I am the same?"
I just want to say that you can't control your parents' reaction. They have their own freedom to accept or not accept. Even if they don't approve, it's pretty good if they at least accept. If you want to come out to them, I think you have to prepare yourself for a possible negative reaction. I don't think there's any magical way to say it to get them to approve. Sometimes they'll be upset about it at first, but they might come around later on.

Hope this answers some of your questions.
Kevin T.
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