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Originally Posted by Sweetheart View Post
I completely understand what you're talking about, LR. We have raised our kids to be vegetarians, so our food budget is entirely vegetarian. It does cost a lot to buy healthy food! Some of our meat-eating friends don't understand how this could be possible, but it's true!

We normally eat well, but during "tight times", we do eat a lot of pasta. On the positive side, I do make my own sauce!
Yeah-I wish we could have a garden year round. We spent 3 weeks in Hawaii a few years ago and we ate almost completely vegetarian while we were there AND NONE OF THEM NOTICED IT. Because it wasn't expensive to get fresh fruit and veggies.
Here it's not just expensive, from October-April its damn near impossible to get decent produce. What we do get tends to taste like crap and be really expensive.
Of course we can get canned or frozen, but even that prices have gone up RIDICULOUSLY due to the raise in shipping costs. It really is ridiculous-especially considering we can get moose meat for damn near free.

I won't go into detail there, just gross everyone out.
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