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Hi Morgan,
Just wanted to add my welcome to the forum.

There is such a thing as hard rules, and safer sex practices is probably part of that. However, some things are just things that need to be talked about. Don't be too shy about discussing your worries and concerns with her, just try to always discuss things in a loving and compassionate manner. It seems like you are good about putting yourself in her shoes.

Perhaps she is going into her own sort of mid-life crisis, and it is prompting her to act in ways that aren't characteristic of her (such as the dishonesty). Don't be mad at her, but be firm about your boundaries.

You are definitely traveling into the non-monogamy realms, of which polyamory is a part. Sometimes the definitions between words are blurred, so don't worry about whether you "fit in perfectly." You will find a lot of support and good advice here.

Hope things will go well, and keep us posted on things,
With regards,
Kevin T.
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