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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Did she say flat out that she would not adjust her roving eye at all, or that she would make an effort to honor your wishes? Does she not see the rudeness and disrespect you feel about it from your viewpoint? In order for intimate relationships to work well, I believe it's very important to try and see things from the other person's point of view, especially if you don't understand the reasoning at first. It doesn't bode well if someone isn't willing to put themselves in your shoes for a moment. Invite her to see things from your perspective - maybe ask her about something she feels strongly about and compare it to that. I hope you won't have to fight about it.
I don't mean that we'll literally fight about it, but I can see myself having to point out every time it happens, explaining how it makes me feel and why, over a lengthy span of time before any lasting changes occur in behavior.

She said it more as a warning - an "I will probably do this too" kind of statement, not an "I do this and there's nothing wrong with it even if it makes you feel disrespected" statement.
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