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Smile Our introduction...

We always dislike these introductions but here goes. :-)

We are a very happily married couple new to poly but not the ideas. We have been in the "swinging" lifestyle for about three years and while it was fun in the beginning it's just not what we really want. While sex is of course fun and exciting with new partners we always found ourselves wanting more. We didn't like the idea of new partners all the time and found that we enjoyed the conversations and getting to know one another as much if not more than the actual acts. We both want real connections, not just hookups which has been hard for us to find.

I'm the wife, I'm a 29 and bisexual and my husband is 28 and straight. We live in a small town in Arizona and find that it's so difficult to meet others that feel the same way, which is why we're turning to online groups. The area we live in is heavily Mormon and our ideals just do not fit in. We love each other more with everyday that passes (as cheesy as that might sound) and have no need to find someone/couple to "fix" our marriage as it is already amazing, we just want to find someone that we can love and grow with. Our perfect situation, even if it's a long shot, would be for me to meet an amazing woman to have a relationship with. To fall in love with and for her to hopefully in the process fall in love with my husband and us as a couple. We would love to be in a triad relationship where we can all love and care for each other equally with no jealousy or possessiveness. We are also open to meeting another couple, the sky is the limit for us. I hope that didn't sound like an ad! It wasn't meant to, I just figured explaining our relationship and what we want as a couple was important to getting to know us.

I'm not really sure what else to share here but if you have any questions or advice for us we would love to hear it! We hope to find some lasting friendships with others that we can relate to. Hope this finds everyone doing well and we look forward to getting to know you all!

~Dustin and Natalia
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