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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
I find this interesting... How is requesting that sex not happen in HER bed controlling his other relationships? She says that she was working through the issues with them having sex in general while she was at work (since she realized that it's unrealistic/unfair), but not using the bed was a hard limit. Condemning someone for that seems rather harsh.
Wondering if this is in response to the original question (having sex while the OP was at work) and not the latest posts?

IMO, the original request may work best as a soft limit with a time attached to it ("Can you guys not have sex while I'm at work for the next couple weeks until I work out why I'm so twigged by it?"), but I think that's all been eclipsed by the current breach of boundaries. To the OP, I'm sorry this is happening... Hugs and positive vibes going your way!
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