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Originally Posted by Avy View Post
Another point to remember is how we as humans respond to small cues and conditioned responses. For example, if you have a habit of going to a busy bar and checking people out together, but then one night you go to the same place but want very focused attention from your partner, it's going to be tricky to switch up the associated behavior.
That is a very good point. Our date nights (Keith and mine) are generally one of two activities (or both if we're in a spendy kind of mood): dinner and movie. Movie is always in the same place - a mall we NEVER go to unless we're going to see a movie. Dinner can be at places we go to when we're just not in the mood to cook (which is not a date, therefore checking out people is okay), but is generally at a nicer place than what we'd pick in that situation. Sometimes instead of a movie we'll go to a live show, but once again, the theatre is a place we ONLY go to on dates. So, locations don't overlap, really.

That is definitely something to keep in mind for the future, though!

I just couldn't believe that the fight I had to have with Keith about quality time is apparently one I may have to have again. How in the world do I attract people with the same things that rub me the wrong way?! lol
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