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Default Change of Direction

I had lunch with Nyx just now, and she clearly had more to say than could be said in a restaurant. Talking about her own life, the complication of her various commitments, the continuing struggles of her not-quite-primary partner, she was getting pretty upset.

We came back to my place, so we could talk in private. With some coaxing and reassurance, she told me she couldn't date me any more.

It will take a while for the full impact of that to sink in, but I can't really claim to be surprised. She has for some time been, in her own words, stretched too thin. If I'm being honest with myself, I'd have to say it's a good decision for her.

At that point in the conversation I had assured her that, whatever direction our relationship might take, I would be a friend to her. I care for her very much, and she cares for me . . . it's just that the form of that caring will be different, from now on.

Still, this makes me think further about being poly. I mean, one of the things that worried my most in my relationship with Nyx is that there is a limit to what I can offer her, given my other commitments, which meant there was a limit to what I could, in all fairness, expect of her.

How can any relationship thrive under such limitations? How can people avoid being discontented?

I'm not sure, but I may be just about done here.
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