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Originally Posted by km34 View Post
When I'm in the middle of telling you a story or am talking passionately about something while looking directly at your face, it's really rude to turn your head to watch someone you find attractive walk by! Glancing over is one thing, actually turning your head to follow her is another.
I'm not usually bothered by someone I'm with checking other people out, but you're absolutely right that what you're talking about here is rude. I guess it's never happened to me to quite that degree, so I've never had to have an issue with it?

TGIB does get distracted by "shiny!" fairly easily, sometimes at inopportune times, but mostly he tries really hard to work on his impulse control so I mostly just tease him when he slips up. It's rare that I take it personally and get upset. But if it happened a lot or I didn't see any effort being put in to show some restraint? Yeah, that'd tick me off too!
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