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Right now my husband and I both work and my GF is going to school. The three of us have talked about it and some day I hope to be able to work only part-time and stay home with any children we have. My husband loves his work (he is a para at a school for behavior disorder students) and would get too restless if he stayed home all day (has ADD and over sleeping issues). My GF also is very indipendent and wants to work, she also wants to travel alot. We have talked about in the futor (when she comes back from Finland after finishing school) that she will find a job and contribute about 1/2 her income to our house hold and spend about 1/2 on traveling (she is studing tourism). So if all Dreams and Hopes come true some day I hope to stay home with our kids (homeschool) and work only part-time (as a home health care provider for children with special needs) while my two lovers work (full time). ::Sigh:: Time will tell
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