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Due to it's nature it doesn't copy paste in any useful way, so I believe I've managed to upload it to a magical cloud (ooooh)

I decided to blank a couple of the rows to keep the mystery alive I was going to blank all but the STI's and activities but, eh wtf. I also understand our agreements on this are much more limiting than a lot of people choose for themselves, but I had a friend lose half of his tongue to oral cancer from HPV so I err on the side of caution.
I left all my overly personal notes at the bottom too.

Two notes:
Adam has HSV2 (with no history of an outbreak), I don't, hence gloves for a couple activities being on there on there for him but not me. His partners are free to accept more risk to them if they like, but that helps ensure it's a talking point where the risks will be discussed.

That's our default "new partner" behavior, after 9 months or so we agreed I don't need to use barriers for oral sex with my other long term relationship now as he's polysaturated and hasn't added any new partners since we started dating. May go back to them if that changes. I'd include that information during a safe sex talk with a new person.

Oh I feel like I just let everybody look in my undie drawer!
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