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Default Checking out others while out with a SO

I know this has been talked about before, but I can't find it for the life of me!

I was talking to someone I recently started dating (as in we made it official about 2 days ago... haha), and it came up that Keith had mentioned that I have gotten frustrated with him in the past for checking out other women when he and I are out. She kind of jokingly told me that I'll have the same problem with her.

My view: When we are out on a date, don't check other people out, or at least do it discreetly. When I'm in the middle of telling you a story or am talking passionately about something while looking directly at your face, it's really rude to turn your head to watch someone you find attractive walk by! Glancing over is one thing, actually turning your head to follow her is another. If we are on a date, that is MY quality time. If you're spending it looking at other people, I'm not going to feel like you care about that time or me. I told her (and have told Keith) that this is probably a prime example of my neediness, but I HAVE to have someone's focus every once in a while and a date is the time that I expect that to happen.

Now, if we're just hanging out, group activity, or something like that - checking out other people is great and I'll do it on occasion too (I'm not really a visual person when it comes to attractiveness so I don't look at others nearly as often as most people seem to - except boobs, I most definitely look at those ).

What does everyone else think?
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