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I found that i would look in the mirror, and rather than focusing on all the things i would change if i could, i would tell myself 'your hair is GORGEOUS, look how it makes everything light up'. And slowly my own list of things iliked i about myself grew.

Admittedly its been a long uphill battle with everything. But its focusing on good things.

I have a 'self-esteem folder', and when i get really good feedback/comments from work i add them, i've asked my friends to write me letters telling me why they love me.

ETC. and i can refer back to that folder when i feel like a crap person who is totally unlovable. [mine is still tiny and very underfed, but at the same time - the act of asking people for that feedback, means that a lot of them are just more verbal in 'loving each other up' from time to time - so its actually benefited my entire group of friends because we just tell each other that we love each other/why, a lot more now ]
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