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We are a happily married couple of 26 years, we are in our late 40's. So far we have only talked about adding a 3rd party, and I suppose we will be asking another female to join us. What we are looking for is a girlfriend for us both to date, and maybe later be a second wife (but not married. I don't know the correct term right now). Its probably gonna be tough to find someone we both click with, I'm the one who needs to have a bond first. He loves women, thinks they are the greatest thing since peanut butter . He has no preference, he finds something he likes about all of them.
We are both straight but are willing to try something new. He has the usual mens fantasy of 2 women together and I'm willing, so no problem there. We both look at women, I point them out to him and vise versa.
The problem is just finding someone right now. We're not much into the group things, and we have to be careful because things like this is not done in our social group.
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