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Originally Posted by Violet1 View Post
It's hard to tell if he was actually considering how much this hurt me when we talked on the phone last night, because yes he was apologetic but only after I started crying to him. You know how men get when girls cry, they just want to say anything to make it stop. But he had also had some beers and I'm sure he was high as well, and there was a point in the conversation where he actually laughed at what I was saying. I hung up on him because I was expressing my hurt to him and he laughed!!! But it could be the product of the beer/weed.
Yes, that is strange, that he came up with the boundary and now broke it.

About the girl: don't think about her, or if she made him do it, or whatever. His agreements with you are between the 2 of you.

But 1 piece of advice.. and god knows I have not followed this advice many many times... but wish I had: don't have the big, emotional discussions when drunk or high or sleep deprived... Really. Don't do it. Wait till you're both sober and rested. It's difficult enough without the extra drama that intoxication brings.

Maybe it's good that you'll spend some time apart, but make a date for when he comes back, to really sit down and talk about stuff.
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