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Thank you GalaGirl and Cleo for the empathetic responses. I got home about an hour ago and he was actually sleeping on the couch, and had our bed all made up.. I was planning on coming home and sleeping on the couch since I'm so upset with him. So either he just passed out there or he was anticipating my not wanting to sleep with him today.

It's hard to tell if he was actually considering how much this hurt me when we talked on the phone last night, because yes he was apologetic but only after I started crying to him. You know how men get when girls cry, they just want to say anything to make it stop. But he had also had some beers and I'm sure he was high as well, and there was a point in the conversation where he actually laughed at what I was saying. I hung up on him because I was expressing my hurt to him and he laughed!!! But it could be the product of the beer/weed.

He was the one that came up with the "no sex with others in our bed" boundary, when we were first talking (in the beginning of our relationship) about how we would go about the whole thing. So I don't understand why he felt it was okay to do that, when HE was the one who brought it up in the first place. Not only that, but he had reassured me right before he went out with her that they would not go in our bedroom.

He is going out of town this weekend to play with the band, and wanted me to come with, and wasn't sure if I would because I have a lot of homework, but I'm sure not going now...
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