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Default not terribly confused

Magdlyn, redpepper, Seventh Crow,Fidelia, Erosa, thank thank you again for all your feedback! He has since agreed to seek counseling and he knows it better be damned for whats in it for me? Well, actually I got a 5 figure acct w/ATM and a paid off Prius so for me the pay-off was realizing that I still had game intact and am no spring chick...just a 420-friendly in early 40's so there I had to be up front about it cause there is always a pay-off. Although he is still pushing hai workshops and parties which is waaayyyy cool I had to remind him of how he lost his second wife.(taking her to hai and she meets someone marries) so I always ask him if he is aware of making the same mistakes twice!!LOL (sorry, can't help my twisted and really bent humor)
So, for now this is just some fucked thing in progress but wow am I getting the real on human nature....his last attraction was a 20 yr old quadriplegic and I thought that was telling...more issues...any feedback is totally welcome
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