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Ello All,

My name is Lor, I am a demipansexual, and currently in a poly relationship with three wonderful men. We refer to ourselves as the foundation, although I'm not sure how common this is seeing how we don't know many other poly people. We live in Houston, TX and not currently seeking other partners but open to the idea, although, we prefer men.

I'm not sure how to classify my experience with poly but if forced to put a label I'd say expert. I think. I've only ever had polyamorous relationships and one monogamous. The mono relationship I found boring, boring, boring, boring, and did I mention boring?

I am not an outgoing person by nature but with my career I've sort of blossomed into the role when need be. I prefer to stay at home and write my delicious man on man books and ask my men to act out scenes for me. It's purely research, I swear. Accuracy and all. Accuracy. I do enjoy going out for the occasional dance night and drunken debotury in the restroom.

I learned to ride horses at the age of six and still ride them today although now I own two. Animals are a key part in my life and I love all of mine dearly.

As to anything else about me I'm not really sure what to say so if you've any questions feel free to ask.
With Affection,

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