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That is pretty much how I feel about it GG. Our boundaries regarding friends is pretty simple and they have gone over it. Her one issue is that to her kissing (tongue to tongue) of 'just a friend' is acceptable, whereas its not for us. But, as I understand it, she has agreed to our boundaries as such.

The 'dating' aspect is currently 'on hold' because she has an issue with the fact that I have herpes. She has expressed wanting to date-but is 't ok with taking the risk (perfectly reasonable) and he isn't willing to limit himself to using condoms with me (it is a boundary that we use them with others ourside of our current V).
But, since the dating aspect is currently not on the table, I'm not concerned with laying out the option for her to add to the boundaries. IF that comes to the table again, there is room for negotiation. Our agreement is that we will readdress the boundaries at 3 month increments. So, march, june, sept, dec. if there is a potential partner they are welcome to join in the discussion. Shrug.
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