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Question Just wondering... let me know if my questions becoem a bother.

Now before I start this post I want to say I know i've asked alot of questions on this message board because I'm new and if this bothers anyone (or if this question in particular bothers anyone) please let me know. I was just wondering how to refure to my relationship with my husband and my GF as people on this message board have called us a V and a Tried. My GF and Husband have both told me they love each other (and they say it to each other occasionally), but have also told me they would never be sexual with each other alone (only when I'm around are they). They also say I am the most important person to them and that the other one is secondary to them. Interestingly though they both say they would be friends with each other even if I wasn't around. Even more interesting my GF says she wouldn't be fully commited and in love with me with out my husband. She says she has known for many years that she would only fall completly inlove and be commited to a couple (MF FF or transgender MM). Hummm... I don't know what to make of all of this and thought that you smart people might have a clue. Thanks for any thoughts you might have
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