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hey Paula,

poly men - yes, so far it has been my finding most poly men seem to be much more open, up front, communicative, attentive and oh definitely more responsive

difference between open relationship and poly - well this will differ more from person/couple to person/couple, but of those I've met personally and myself, yes, we would all say there is a huge difference, but to each there own, there is no one concrete right way to be, there is simply yours and your partners/'s way to be, do what you feel most comfortable and happy with

to me an open relationship would be mostly friends with benefits in sharing sex or bodies as well, and poly is sharing your heart/mind/soul as well as bodies if all involved are accepting of such, so yes in that respect there is something much more deeper happening as far as I'm concerned

again, each persons poly is different, decide what works best for you, don't let anyone decide for you or make you feel your way is wrong
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