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My gut response is that the stuff said needs to be cleared up before we can begin building any sort of trust and/or friendship.
But, I'm unsure if thats just me being defensive and bitchy.
If it were me? If she contacted me to try to work on the (me <--> her) tier of the polymath?

I'd want that cleared up first too.

We teach others how to be treated. I'd be willing to forgive it since this is starting out and she may not have been in the full picture yet or up to full speed and I can understand feeling hurt and acting out.

But I would lay out how it works in my universe. I would also lay out how I want to be treated as a meta from this point forward. Do NOT assume things about me. Come to me direct. You have the right to clear communication. That includes not putting Shared Honey in the middle. Eliminate the middle man.

I would invite her to add any points to that Jedi contract she feels she needs or feels is missing. I'd be willing to discuss with her and Shared Honey if addendums are needed. If it's a banner she can fly under, great. We all agree this is the banner we fly under, new polyship takes flight.

There. Done. We do not have to be best friends, or even friends. We do have to be polite, cordial, respectful since we share a Honey and there's gonna be conversations about health screenings, calendars, and whatnot eventually. Let's play like grown ups here.


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