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He did.

That's why she is feeling like she needs to come back to me and try to build a friendship.

He went to her and addressed what he did wrong (which included breaking boundaries, not telling her the boundaries and using her as the sounding board and venting ear while we were struggling through some issues this winter-but NOT using her as a sounding board for any of the good stuff).

At any rate, he did do his part.
He leaves town in the morning for a week-and yesterday she up and decided she might ought to work on building a friendship with me.
Which-I suspect will result in her contacting me while he's gone.

This all happened pre-March.
He addressed things with her over phone and text through June and July then they met for coffee and had a pow wow over the minute details, his apology etc in August.

The issues that created the problems have been dealt with and I have no concerns with that. Including him enlightening her not only to what he didn't say before, but also to what she couldn't know about regarding him and I, AND what our current boundaries are and how that pertains to her (some of them don't pertain to her at all).
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