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Originally Posted by thinker777 View Post
Maybe we should plan a small meetup here in this thread? I'm also new to being poly. I've looked around and haven't found anything... The site is full. Anyone up for that?
As I mentioned to tinker, there are actually 2 rather large meetup groups in Toronto that support polyamory; one in its title itself and another more casually. Here they are:

I also highly recommend the Ethical Lovers group, especially if you enjoy hearing the issues that poly people have; the style is round table; everyone gets a minute or 2 to say what's going on in their life at first and then the discussion flows from there. I think I should mention, however, the one of the organizers of the group told me it was rather full the last time I saw him, and I'm lost the contact info as well. However, I think that if you get on the discussion mailing list on the following link, they'll know about it:

I think I should say that I no longer go to the the Toronto Polyamory Culture Club (it's a bit of a story), have never been to Satisfactorily Single (though I know the organizer) (the meetups are generally too late given where I'm living now) and have also stopped going to the Ethical Lovers Group (again, the meetups are too late). There is also another one called the Monday Social which meets on the first Monday of every month (and perhaps more Mondays, but that's the main one I believe), but again don't have the contact info on me; it's another night one, which doesn't fit with my current location.

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