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Lately I've been having new and interesting feelings. Envy. I really liked having two partners and now that I don't have two anymore and rory does, I envy her a bit. It's definitely not that I wouldn't want her to be with Alec, I just would like things to be like they were, an N. But not really. I guess this is all part of getting used to this new situation. Actually I'm really enjoying living alone. Sometimes I do miss the everyday partnership but only sometimes. It comes and goes.

Today I finally chatted with Bob a bit. Our connection is just weird. I still like him even though we have so much misunderstandings and personality differences. Today was one of those days when I felt somewhat hopeless about us. We communicate way better face to face than in writing. So today was just one example of that, irritating each other by writing things that the other interpreted wrong. I really hope we'll manage to skype at some point like we said we would. That man makes me feel so many different things - good and bad - in short amount of time, that it just feels a bit unwise to like him. But it's not like you can control your emotions.. You can only control your actions, but I have no clue what my actions should be.
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