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Discomfort with communication is the main problem I am facing.
That goes away with practice DOING. Just do it.

Speak your truth, state your wants, needs, limits. Get everyone's temperature check and sex ed level.

And if you have not enough info yet? Don't have sex with your direct lovers or make it a rule that ALL sex will be barrier sex -- condoms, dental dams, saran wrap, gloves, whatever it is you feel best with for the practices your engage in most. No fluid bonding anywhere.

The only safe sex is NO SEX.

This is safer sex -- so you think about what safer sex is to you.

One of the sheets at opening up has a list of sex practices -- the checklist one. It is not every sexual practice in the world but it could help move the convo along if you are all looking at the same paper. "What about this? What about that?" type.


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