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What Cody said-I don't look for "poly people". I look for people who I click with-and I remain upfront and honest about my relationship status.
I've found my husband has more luck on OKC -we both made profiles-and referenced each other in them (I don't use mine). So, when women see he's in a poly dynamic-they also have access to my profile and can read my two cents and know he's not full of shit.
Also-it tends to help that they can contact me if they have questions.
The first two years-it was all women who wanted a quick lay who contacted him. But, the last year there have been a few more serious ones.

Additionally, it helps that we socialize together. We've met potentials together and they are much more comfortable (assuming they are new to open dynamics) when they see that I'm comfortable with him dating.

(I found a lot of hiding polys in the LGBT community locally)
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