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GalaGirl: First and foremost, I was in no way offended by what you said. I'm asking a serious question so I know to expect serious answers. Secondly, thank you for putting everything into perspective for me. I have a lot to think about and I know it'll be a hard journey but its time for me to face it. I think the main thing that keeps me in this relationship is I want my son to grow up in a home with both of his biological parents still together. I grew up with neither of my parents and I don't want the same for my child. Another reason why is, like you mentioned, fear of being alone. It's a rash notion but I feel like I wouldn't be able to find anyone else. However, you made me realize that the worst thing I can do to my son is raise him in a home where Mommy and Daddy aren't happy.
Redpepper: Thank you as well. I'm definitely going to check that out.
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