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Default Safe Sex

Hi everybody!

I have some questions. I was fluid bonded with both of my partners until this past week. My one bf has another gf and they recently started having sex and she recently started having sex with her second bf. My first bf and I decided (just to be safe) to start using condoms and I've been asking everyone involved about STI status and if they've used protection. It's been weird going from carefree sex with both partners (my other bf isn't dating anyone and my first bf and his gf waited a loooonnnggg time before they started having PIV sex) to using condoms all the time and I'm aware that even condoms aren't all that good at protecting against some STIs.

Also, everyone involved (my two bfs and my one bf's gf) have been tested semi-recently. Can't say the same for my metamore's new guy

What are some of your safe sex practices and communication routines? Any advice on how to approach talking about it. I feel like I'm the most worried out of my W-formation poly family, but maybe because I haven't had a chance to have a heart to heart with my bf's gf for a while and have only been communicating via text messages about this touchy stuff. Having a little transition anxiety and wanted to hear what other poly folks do to decrease the risk of infection and to keep themselves safe.

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