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I do stupid, stupid things sometimes...

A week away was a bit much. I missed Keith like crazy, he was needy when I got back, AND I didn't realize how difficult it would be to make sure I had time to reconnect with him after being gone and to make time to see Zelda as soon as I could, too. I think I've got it figured out, though!

The real stupid thing I did, though... was fooling around with Fiona. Ugh. Pretty sure that just complicated the whole "I'm over the confusing mess of emotions" thing that I've been trying to communicate lately. Maybe in a few days I'll figure out a good way to tell her that she should move on. I enjoyed the physical stuff, but I honestly just didn't feel the connection that I used to feel. Maybe the whole letting go thing actually worked!

So excited to be home, though! The trip was mostly good, a little stressful, and definitely the longest I will EVER want to be away from those I love, unless absolutely necessary. If it was this hard to be away from Keith for a week, how terrible would it have felt if I had multiple lovers?! lol

Bashful also emailed me asking how I was and how my vacation went. I responded and he said he'd love to get together soon to hear more about it. I'm going to try to get some more info on what's up with him and his primary relationship before deciding how to handle that situation. I wouldn't mind taking some more time to get to know him, but I don't want to put that effort in if he's going to randomly disappear for over a week at at time without providing any information at all, at least when he is normally in contact on a daily or every other day basis! If talking once a week or every other week was normal that would be one thing, but such a drastic change with no warning... Not something I like.

Home, sweet home!
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