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I think I'll try my fucking best NOT to post on here anymore. I have my wife here with me, WE can talk things out as we have for 10 years. Venting on here has only caused us more stress and problems within our relationship!

As she says using fucking nicknames on here and for others there is no bloody way we can share EVERYTHING about our lives, our relationship, our home situation, our money problems and our friends on here so the idiot peanut gallery can properly analyze our posts and tell us how we should change our lives based on their small opinions.

Yes I acknowledge some of you have been Poly for years, some are in it just for the slut reasons, some for love, etc. To each their own... what we are looking for is unique to our values and way of life, just as the past couple we've been talking about on here said "THERE ARE NO FUCKING RULES IN POLYAMORY!!!" to each their own again! In our relationships we set our rules and boundaries, don't like them? then fuck off! LOL

Glitter thought this would be a great place for support but that has been proven totally wrong. I admit it IS a great place for information to read other peoples dirty laundry and try to learn from it but as for support and friends it has been zip, nada, zero on a personal level.

I think Glitter started this as a Blog/Journal as a healthy way to discreetly get things off her chest in the same way she would write in her own personal journal. Although with us both on here just as I would NOT be reading her personal journal here in real life. Most of the time it's felt like this is separating us in an indirect way when she comes on to blog her problems. I come on when I need to vent too. We both correct each others dirty laundry publicly online putting on a great show for everyone.

What we BOTH need are actual real "friends" to chat with, bounce ideas off, get advice from, etc.

I may be old-fashioned but in like calling your best friend up on the phone to bitch about your problems, go out and rant over coffee. Hell in this online world even through IM, Skype, etc. Just as you would NOT SCREAM off your balcony to your friend in the next apartment complex HEY I NEED TO TELL YOU THIS BITCH TODAY.... blah blah blah. AND YOU KNOW SHE TELLS ME... CAN YOU FUCKING BELIEVE THAT!? Another neighbor says to SHUT THE FUCK UP! Yet another says HEY I FUCKING KNOW HER, I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!

Oh btw since we need to tell everything to give person a better view of our live so they can judge us... I masturbated before I got outa of bed, took a piss, brushed my teeth, took vitamins and pills. Came out here told Glitter Good Morning and I love you... Checked my email, did shit online. did some yard work. More shit around the house. Just had dinner now and I need to get off here since I really need to shit

Cheers, have a good one
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