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Smile Dealling with the ups and downs

Well things are getting better. YEAH! I think after I came on here and truely admited how I felt I was really able to deal with what it was that I was really feeling and it has given me the strength to move on.

I never regret that things happen. I truely believe that things happen for a reason. I may not understand the reasonings behind it right now but I eventually will.

I think the awkwardness is almost gone between Beauty and Bear. Which is nice because I HATE awkwardness. Do I still feel very strongly for Beauty YES but I know that I must move on as she is also doing and I really dont want to lose her friendship over this.

Plus with school and work and OU Boy I dont have time to dwell on the what ifs and what could of been. I want to move forward.

Things with OU Boy are really hot and heavy right now and I know alot of that is the NRE but I like it and right now I am happy and that is what really truely matters.
OU Boy:
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