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Lovefromgirl - We all manage to be unemployed because in our town employment is very hard to come by. I recently moved 200kms away to try and find some work, I never found any and it was too stressful being away from S and my family so I ended up moving back after 3 months.

Opalescent - Yes I do mean sexual and romantic experience. We have had a discussion about the "L word" as he and I refer to it as, we both have difficulty using that word although we both admit there are extremely strong feelings between us.
I have no problem at all orgasming, we tried counting them once but lost count/gave up after 12, my housemate jokes about getting a counter where I press a button each time but we just kind of laugh it off lol Yes consent does count I have been sexually abused twice and after a nightmare and the whole story coming out at 2am one day S has been very careful in listening to what I say and has learnt where most of the booundaries are, he has even help me over come the boundary of having my wrists held although the thought of using handcuffs will give me a panic attack.
Can I get Ethical Slut and Opening Up in hard copy too? Is there anything in either of those books about coming out to parents? My father and his gf know about S being poly and disapprove and my mother and her husband know and accept but also don't approve. I don't know how to come out to them and say I am the same?
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