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You are already IN a polyamorous relationship.

What you have is a DADT policy inside the polyship that you have outgrown on your end and now find annoying/stifling.

So you have to responsibly inform your partner that the DADT polcy has been outgrown on your side and it no longer meets your wants/needs/limits.

So a new thing is needed. So what is the new policy gonna be? Has partner's wants/needs/limits also changed over time? Where's the temperature at? What other ways could this be worked out? That's a big convo -- so can we just make an appt to start working on that on the calendar? So there's no disturbances/distractions and we have a nice clear block of time to really be together in conversation? Thanks, honey. Love ya!

Hopefully the appt time comes and over a few sessions of discussion a new policy/agreement emerges. (might take more than one appt)

So that for the next (year? something else?) you have a workable thing in place that serves to mutual satisfaction.


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