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Last night DH announces he wants to bookmark a conversation about polyconfigurations from his POV.

I asked him to put that into context.

He said his personality is such that he wants to break it down into components to examine and then build them back up.

I said ok, thanks for elaborating. And he does -- he likes to tinker and break things into pieces and them put them back together.

Me? I do same but in a different way. I learn visually so I like to write things down or draw pictures first. He learns via ears, so he has to think out loud.

He knows which ones are my favs -- V's and N's. I wouldn't mind a quad with the right people.

But even if I don't think I have an appeal, I still write them down on index cards. All the Open Models I'd be willing to discuss and where my limits are. I know I want a polyfi vibe because I have a low poly saturation point. Whatever the shape it comes in.

I've been breaking it down for myself on index cards and noting what I'd get from it, what I'd have to put in. What I think he'd get from it and what I think he'd have to put in.

He has to run his own pass thru them and do it from his direction. What he would get from it, and what he would put in Then his thoughts on what I get/put in. It's the reality check/calibration thing so we're both talking about the same thing and on the same page.

Then tonight we visited it a bit today. It's still a much bigger conversation to have but I told him it's been teasing my in my head all day because I love how he talks and thinks at me. So pllllleeeease give me a "for instance" to hold me til we make time for a larger conversation.

He started talking to me about lines and dotted lines and nodal points and stable and unstable in that geek science math way he does. He likes atom bonds as metaphor. Then he articulates his emotions in big 50 cent words that also turns me on as he starts laying out his limits to me. Which I want to hear and know about.

It is fun and productive certainly to be in conversation about Open Up well in future. But really? Gah. Just hanging out with him shooting the shit in the way we do turns me on because HE turns me on. I love the quality time/couple time/emotional intimacy. I ended up hugging him and kissing his ear.

"Gah! See! Work on cloning yourself, dude. Then I could have TWO of you and I'd be set on the polyhusbands along with the incest fantasy to boot! Woo!"

He laughed.

Then I grinned at him. "All kidding aside -- seriously. I love your hot ethics. And I love you. Now let's get ready for bed. Long day tomorrow."

We're so nerdy. Bliss.


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