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I didn't use a car seat -- we had a baby vibrating chair/covert to rocker thingie that I used in same fashion.

My mother found this very funny because when *I* was the baby she would lock the bathroom door, make sure nothing was out that could hurt me and throw some socks on the floor for me to mess with and take the fastest shower ever with the shower curtain open so she could watch me with one eye.

Everyone manages. Be creative if you have to.

This needs more work. I'm not good at this sort of thing.
Print your list and put it on the bathroom mirror.

And keep checking on it and updating it each month. You may find OTHER "can do" along the way as baby grows.

It's ok not to be good at it. You practice to GET good at it.

I made the decision when asked for him to move up one of his dates, though it was for my own benefit, even though bringing it closer made me uncomfortable. Before, I would not have considered it.
See? You are owning it. Dealing with knowing AND STATING your needs so Life can come at ya at a pace you can deal in. It's ok to make it a little uncomfortable for you if overall the thing works better. In time -- you get over the uncomfortableness of "new thing" and the thing works out for you better. Then you feel pretty good about owning your own destiny.

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