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Originally Posted by swedishdomme View Post
Can someone please tell me if this is even possible or heard of? And how I could make a household like that to work? I don't know much about this I just know my dream, that's why I became a member here. I want to find out if/how this could work in real life and make a plan.
I've never heard of an exact situation like you described in real-life, but lots of similar ones.

The main thing is, you need to find people who are interested in taking on these roles in relation to yourself. It's my understanding that there are a lot of rich guys who have so much power in their real-lives and/or jobs who enjoy being a slave and/or submissive with just the BDSM and no sexual contact at all, or no genital contact, or no contact/play leading to orgasm (the way you described).

There is a thread on here called "BDSM", but BDSM is not restricted to polyamory or polyamorous of itself just because there are more than two people involved.

I recommend that you look into other online resources that could help you obtain the special arrangement you want. Many cities have events and meet-ups based on the very thing you are looking for. Although there are many people on this forum who practice BDSM within the context of polyamory, it does not sound like what you want "is" polyamory, but rather a specific type of multiple play-partners.

Now, if you were in a relationship with yourself as a sub and a partner as YOUR dom or master, then I could certainly see the possibility of you adding additional partners (Dom or sub) where there was more of emotional dynamics. But I will say it again - what you described with yourself and these potential submissive males, while may be kinky and non-monogamous, does not sound like it includes the kind of emotional connection/commitment that is the key ingredient in the definition of "polyamorous".

Having said all that, i think it's refreshing to see someone who knows what they want and expect within a certain framework, and is looking to start as they mean to continue. Good luck with it!
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