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Default Can I have a poly household of slaves?

I didn't know about BDSM until my friend told me about it and I then started out as a findomme to get easy money but I soon realized that It wasn't all about the money.. It was about the powerful feeling I got out of being in total control and making the slaves obey me. I had found something I LOVED but I didn't want to be online or a findomme. So I evolved from there on and have learned much more about the BDSM community and really come to love female supremacy.

My dream is to first find a filthy rich man, preferably with a great career and powerful job (like CEO) and make him my slave. And then have a household in a large house with several male slaves all attending to my wishes and needs. And I want total control.

I don't know much about traditional poly households but that's how I would have wanted it. But it's complicated.1. I'm not sexually attracted to submissive men I just love the feeling I get of controlling them.. I rather like dominant guys in the bedroom. I would love to feel like a queen and have men worshiping me. 2. And I'm not in to hardcore sadism and bdsm torture.. but I do enjoy to punish men in other ways.
Is that going to be big problems in this kind of household?

I don't know how to get it all to work or what the slaves would expect from me. I want to make it a good household and tend to all my slaves needs.. But I don't want to have sex with them except if I have sex slaves. (and a husband maybe)

Can someone please tell me if this is even possible or heard of? And how I could make a household like that to work? I don't know much about this I just know my dream, that's why I became a member here. I want to find out if/how this could work in real life and make a plan.
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