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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
Seems to me it's perfect: you're at work, so already busy and you don't have to stay at home worrying about him or feeling lonely, and he wouldn't have been able to spend that time with you anyways so it's not taking anything away from you. Much better than if he wanted to see her a day you both have off.
But if work is boring, rather than busy, and lonely, such that they can spend a ton of time texting back and forth, then it IS taking something away- his company via text while she gets through her shift. It's certainly no better than being at home. It's worse, because you HAVE to stay awake rather than going to bed, and focus on getting paperwork done rather than vegging out to a movie with a stiff drink, etc.

If I'm reading correctly, they don't HAVE a day off together. They both work Sun-Wed, she works Thurs, he works Fri and Sat. But when he's at work without her, he's having fun, able to socialize and even drink. Quite different than the environment she's in when she's at work without him.

I quite understand why Violet feels the way she does. It SUCKS to be the one at work while the other gets to go have fun, especially when you don't have opportunities for similar fun. It may be perfect for some but that in no way means it's perfect for everyone.

I haven't decided yet if I think asking him to refrain from sex while she's at work is fair or unfair yet. My initial reaction is, as long as there are other times when he can sleep with the other person (while Violet is out socializing or whatever) then skipping Thursdays shouldn't be a big deal. That should be workable. But I haven't finished thinking it through, so I reserve the right to change my mind.
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