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Cindie, we are slowing the fuck down, lol. We both have interests (platonic friends and other activities) that we are pursuing. We've had the talk about having friends first, and seeing how things go. We're not actively "seeking" anyone out, but sometimes things just develop, and we're not going to close the door completely.

We are working on us. Poly is something that brings us closer together, because it forces us to sit and actually discuss the nitty gritty about our relationship. We have a unique relationship, as 90% of the people (and counselors we've seen in the past) have told us. We simply discuss everything. Sometimes other factors get in the way (such as NRE I had with Music, which taught the both of us a much needed lesson), but in the end, it always gets discussed and worked through.

I don't have the time or space to detail our relationship here, but we are solid. Yes, sometimes we argue and then things get vented online. That needs to stop, as so many people take it the wrong way. Better to vent in a journal or something no one else will read. People only get a small view of things when venting happens online.

Neither of us are in a hurry, really. We're not closing the door on poly, we do have an amazing relationship. It's not displayable online, sorry I can't prove it to you. We both have our own issues (Storm has anger issues/depression/possibly bipolar that he is seeing a psychologist for, I have borderline personality/depression/ptsd that I am seeing a psychologist for, we are both seeking a marriage counselor that will take our insurance), but they are not the be-all and end-all of who we are. I apologize if you are confused, but in all honesty, we can't write and accurately lay out who we are on this site. I think that would be a novel instead of a blog, lol!

I'm not pretending that everything is perfect. It isn't. It will never be, lol. We're human, not robots. I don't expect a perfect life with Storm, and I know he doesn't expect it of me. We do discuss our feelings a lot more now, because we do stay in touch with how the other is feeling, especially now that we've opened.

Hannafluke, thank you for that! It's something we've been discussing and trying to wrap our minds around (more Storm than I on that particular subject). Definitely something to talk about more, thank you

And Storm, it wasn't the next day or was more than a week after meeting, we went on a date, then another week when we decided to pursue a relationship together. So no, it wasn't instant
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