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Originally Posted by jndmoore View Post
Thank you for the suggestion Calgary. As stated though there are state abbreviations that are commonly used in these threads.

Yes we are part of the OKpoly yahoo group and it isn't very active. There was a teaser mention if a meet and greet that was on the group last spring and was said to be happening mid to late summer and then we never heard anything else.

I have searched through the list of support groups and events ( from Alan I believe) and there really isn't much in central OK.

I have even searched through Not a thing here....apparently we do not have a very active community.

This forum is always great to provide suggestions and I tried to read through most of them before asking. Finally even signed up for fetlife since someone mentioned that they have a poly section. Guess what! Finally found our first mention of a meet and greet in the recent past. But it doesn't look like its happened since May.

I'm finally at the point where I'm ready to bite the bullett and plan something myself. I'm a horrible planner but I'm thinking that just an informal meet and greet at a coffee shop would work.
THe Okpoly group is pretty quiet lol.
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