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We're finally coming out to our friends this weekend, and I'm really excited... and nervous. A few of our closest friends already know, and have been really accepting and at least understand why being poly is right for us, even if they wouldn't want it for themselves.

But we have some friends whose families are pretty conservative and who I know just won't get it. My love and I are getting married in just over 5 weeks, and I'm concerned that they will object strongly or that they will think that we're... weird. Or something.

Well, we are weird-- and that's okay. I'm probably worried for nothing, since my friends love us. I just hope they surprise us and are accepting even if they don't understand. I feel like if I don't tell them, they won't understand the relationships we're building, and everything won't quite be real for us. We won't quite be able to be who we want to be, who we really are with the people that we love.

This is a big part of who we are, as it is for everyone on here I'm sure, and is so right for us. We want to be able to share our lovestyle with them, so we're going to just buck up and do it.

Wish us luck!

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