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Question How to Develop a New Relationship?

So I recently acquired a second boyfriend. We were having casual sex for a while, but I found myself liking him more and more and decided I wanted to date him or stop seeing him. He hadn't been interested in dating me at first and was nervous about me having a bf already and not wanting him to see other women (I'm still working on jealousy and insecurity right now). But when I said I wasn't going to come over again he invited me over to do something besides have sex and asked me out. This was a few weeks ago. We now hang out every other day about and I stayed the night a few times, but we mostly just do what we did before, have sex and smoke and eat junk food (I'm an unemployed college kid and he's kinda short on cash too). We text during the day, and we're getting used to being affectionate out of bed, but I feel bad my relationship with him isn't moving faster because I'm so close and in love with my other boyfriend, and I want them to be equals to me, not primary and secondary. How do I deal with this?
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