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Defi itely agree with GG! My oldest will be 21 this month. Youngest is 5. Have 4 of our own and fostered two others plus fulltime babysitting of a preemie and two others from 3 mths to 10 yrs. lots of hours there.

Its critical for baby and daddy to bond. Like gg said, if 30 min is his comfort zone now, do that a cpl times each evening this week, bext week, 40 min twice an evening.

I also found that if I put a nursing blanket between me and baby when feeding, then gAve it to daddy, baby was calmer. This worked well with the preemie I Watched also. Mommy slept with a nursing blanket tucked inside her clothes, then gave it to me when she dropped baby off. Baby smelled mommy and was calmed.
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