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In the spirit of continuing to expose my own character in this process, I would like to share another thought that has occured to me today as feelings of poly wane back and forth from being interesting to me, to, not being all into it at certain moments... and that is that when there is not the temptation/opportunity for the possibility, I do not feel the pull. I don't know what that means as far as my character, true "poly-ness" versus not polyness, but maybe some of you will be able to figure out why I feel like that and what that means.

I mean could a man be born into a world with no men, all women, and become/realize he is gay? Is it the temptation combined with our wiring that causes us to go there? When I think about other girls who want to be with me, I think "why not?! yeah". But if they aren't contacting me, or getting in my mind, I don't feel the need to breakup with my wife and lose seeing my baby everyday and create "my birdhouse", however I still feel when I think about it, that if the opportunity is there I prefer to live that life than this one (or rather lifestyle than this one).
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