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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I was paying attention. I see the signs. Some of which are eye rollingly offensive and others hugely hilarious.
Yeah I'm really sorry about that. Really. I'm sure it's 50% due to me just being really clunky when trying to correctly communicate in a new place. And it's 50% that I am a little arrogant, naive, and all the things you guys called me. That's ok. I don't mind hearing the truth, so long as it is done nicely.

I guess I just expected to look up to you guys when I first got here, and some of these people although I know they are super experienced and more wise than me, have been very disappointing as people I should hold in high esteem because of their behavior. I'm disappointed in some the people I found to be trying to be helpful to me. Not all. Just some. You have been brilliant LovingRadiance. And even though the others are more brash I do appreciate them too.

Whatever my problems are, they don't define me or my life. The word "MATURE" is about passing from one stage to another. I think some of the members here could try and be more sensitive to that I might just need to learn something rather than deciding I am worthless to the world in their eyes. Otherwise I think it'd be best if they kept it to themselves because that can be very hurtful to communicate to someone potentially looking up to you for advice.

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