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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
This is not your Island and I am not one of your girls. There is no "between the two of us" in this part of the forum. That's what private messages are for. Nobody here agreed to have a relationship with you on your "generous" terms.

Why don't you start a blog in Life Stories and Blogs? This subject matter is perfect for that, and nobody is allowed to argue in a blog. It will really be YOUR THREAD. That is not the case the way it is right here right now. If you were at all aware of your surroundings, you would have figured that out by now. I think you may have already been told, too, but I'm telling you right now again if that's the case.

If you can dish it out but can't take it, there's the virtual door.
OMG, you are antagonistic. You did not need to comment on the post that was meant for me with a comment that bullies me. It is unnecessary. I don't care personally. I'm just telling you flat out, you were bullying and you're lucky I am not a person with lower self esteem or I would feel really beaten up on. Just because I happen to bite back and call a spade a spade when being beaten upon doesn't make what you have all done to me noble, valiant, good, nice, patient, or anything of good virtue. The tack you and some others continue to take is indeed typical of what to expect from an internet forum, but I'm speaking up for myself and others to let you guys know that it's bad behavior and you should not do it in situations like these. You're beating up on the new guy and it's just getting old. Endless punching and kicking. You're all bullies the bunch of you who have taken shots at me. It's totally unnecessary. I am not antagonizing any of you except for in response to you doing that to me. And I'm really not upset at you guys at all. I'm just letting you know you are making mistakes, tripping over your own feet, being insensitive. If that's useful to you, than I haven't wasted my breath. If it isn't, I'm still glad I stood up for anyone who isn't able to handle being pushed around by you.

Just chill out. Stay out of it unless you have something positive to contribute. I'm pretty sure the spirit of this board/forum is to be positive, helpful, informative. Not to belittle, judge, and mob members. You are being pestilent and argumentative.

I don't mind taking it. I can handle it. It's text over the internet. It's quite safe, and I'm not hurt at all. But believe me, people definitely do become upset by the way you guys have been behaving and there are even laws to prevent it from getting out of control.

I don't have any hard feelings. It's ok. But when you are ready to stop I really think it would be a good idea for this board and others. It's ok to make mistakes. You don't have to feel bad for screwing things up and feel it necessary to continue to behave that way in order to hold yourself in regard in your community. I already hold you in high regard. But nobody's perfect. As far as the bullying and argumentative antagonizing, you should really consider cutting it out.
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