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Boring-I read it, saw it and am aware. None the less, Im willing to play the 'ok, in a sincere world, here's the trivia they would want' because;

Even if its. Ot the OP, if the information is helpful to someone, its worth the effort to share it.
Believe me- I was paying attention. I see the signs. Some of which are eye rollingly offensive and others hugely hilarious.

But-what if it really is ingrained ignorance and the person chews on the information-even for a few years-and then it clicks and they change?
My husband was hardcore against gayrights when we married. Now he's precisely the opposite, because in the midst of his idiotic shit, I continued to calmly and pointedly show him the error of his ways. He swore he'd never change, he was just as against open marriages and many oldtimers here can attest to some of the outrageously condescending, double standard bullshit he pulled over the years. But, he changed. Shrug. Sometimes it fails, sometimes it works.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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