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Now, to ur previous question to me:

I can't begin to describe in depth the work to get where we are, its in my blog.
But, where we are now is; i have a poly husband and a mono boyfriend.

No new partners without us agreeing. All new potentials have to meet all of us before ANY dates.
I agree not to take any MORE male lovers.
We three are fluid bonded (they are both straight) but with anyone else we require current std testing AND use of condoms at all times.
Our date nights are priority (as is family time). We don't plan one on one time with anyone else unless we have gotten our one on one time in that week.

Our date times and our bedtimes and our meal times are no cell, no computer times.
I can talk to mono bf about anything-but i agree nOt to DO anything with anyone new until such time as he's comfortable with them.
He agrees to accept fully my relationship with poly husband, and. Ot try to limit me from finding a girlfriend, but i dont have spare time right now so I am not looking.
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